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Control & Automation integration is provided by the ACSMAGGIORA division.

We stock many parts to allow for fast replacements.

We are a system integrator with extensive background in design, development, integration of automation hardware and software. Our know-how allows us to take on challenging tasks efficiently.

Large or small, we can mastermind your project to safely obtain maximum process efficiency. We work so your equipment and communication operate efficient and reliable. Regardless of the chosen integration level, systems should provide maximum product yield while operating equipment under best possible conditions.

Features such as manual or autonomous response management can help you overcome or compensate for issues quickly. It’s all about keeping the water flowing or the wheels turning.

Frequent work also includes modernizing turnkey skid systems and panels in the field. If necessary, we can manufacture parts with our in-house CNC mills for next-day turnaround. Parts can be designed and reviewed in the field before uploading for production.