We design, implement and support water automation systems with construction, manufacturing, programming and equipment. We are experienced in a range of systems, with particular expertise for the equipment manufacturers listed on the right. →


It is not uncommon for us to work on systems which had components replaced or added in an ad-hoc fashion, eventually resulting in “difficult to manage” systems with degraded operability. We can evaluate such scenarios, bring it all together, and as a whole, provide you with a reliable system for optimum product yield. Equipment operating efficiently is essential in saving cost and preventing downtime.


Concepts, programming languages, and documentation procedures used in industrial automation are mostly standardized and universal across platforms. There are exceptions when it comes to very specific solutions. Our competent integration team with over 25 years of experience in control systems and automation can provide you with the service and equipment you need.



A list of automation manufacturers we frequently work with:


Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation
Schneider Electric



Platform support:



Apple OSX (Mac’s)
Microsoft CE
Microsoft Windows