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Well Profiling

Well profiling is a patented process to assess water quality and quantity in completed water wells. It is mainly used for down-well water quality sampling in drinking- and agricultural irrigation water. The water is analyzed for title 22 parameters.

Instead of investigating the well in sections, we can analyze the entire well in a single process. Results provide an increase in detail and precision. The approach is also streamlined, ultimately saving time.

Please ask us about well-profiling and how it can work for you.

Water System Manager

The Water System Manager, or WSM, is effective at monitoring and controlling a single well, up to a large arrangement of wells, motors, reservoirs, and processes.

The system can consider specific but changing well behavior to maximize production and protect your equipment. Focus on what requires attention. WSM can work in the background and suggest or implement measures to optimize or remedy possible discrepancies.

WSM components conform to industrial automation standards, making the system easy to implement and providing you with a valuable, future proof, vendor-independent approach.

If the WSM is implemented first, and if necessary, the system can be built out with other standardized industrial automation equipment. The hardened WSM will also interface directly with existing automation, such as SCADA, or wide-scale industrial networks. The purpose of the WSM is to provide a high-quality, effective, but economical approach to automate and protect your equipment and production.

Larger operations can control cost on building out remote locations with the WSM. Data from multiple remote locations will combine upstream to provide a better operational picture. Use the WSM to get started or add value to your existing network.